Of course you have heard of "Picolo Paris" but if you don't, for those who they are not aware of it, is Lixouri. It's situated in one of the biggest island of ionio, Kefalonia, with the greatest and most beautiful beaches!!!
Xi beach, which is famous for its red sand and Petani beach which is well-known for its green-blue water and its white pebbles, are the most beautiful and well-known beaches of Lixouri. Some others beaches less famous but equally beautiful are Lagadakia, Lepeda & Platia ammos.
In lixouri you can have a great time not only during summer but also during carnival as Lixouri is famous for its carnival. (Kefalonian people are famous for their "craziness" and their Carnival).
you can also visit us during spring. Imagine that you will have the opportunity to spend your Easter vacations in a sunny field or in a calm beach. It's a place where you can combine everything. During the day you can do your shopping and stay in the beach until sunrise. Also, during the night you can
taste the local cuisine in the restaurants along the seacoast and for those who like nightlife there are many clubs to visit.
If you are interested, we invite you to come and experience all these. There are many studios near the the sea. But if you like animals, you're enjoying the singing of cicadas and the frogs, if you like to have your own garden with barbeque and croft (don't worry we are not going to force you in order to irrigate them but we are going to offer their goods).
If you like a big apartment for 5 persons and you enjoy barbeque we invite you to studios Ammodares
in a sunny field.

Agios vasilios, Palliki, Lixouri
28200, Kefalonia Island, Greece
Manager: Vasilatou Aggeliki

You can book at the following phone numbers:
Tel: 0030 2671025716
Mobile: 0030 6937376874


Apartments Facilities:
Air condition, Kitchenette, TV, Refrigerator,
Wc with shower, Balcony view, Garden, parking.