It has been the island's capital and most important port since the 16th century. Ferry-boats from Patra and Cephalonia put in here.

As the ship enters the bay, the visitor sees, firstly, the pretty island Lazaretto with a picturesque church built in 1668 and in the background, Vathi spreads nonchalantly on the hill slope.


The town has several old mansion houses, not destroyed by the earthquakes as well as many modern ones which were built respecting the enviroment and the traitional architectural style.

Among the places worth visiting are the Archaeological Museum, the Library, the Cultural Centre.

Last but not least, you should not fail to visit the very important Historical Record of the island where the manuscript Libro d' Oro (Golden Book) of the island's noblemen, which goes back to the period of the Venetian occupation, is kept.

Wandering along the small, picturesque streets of the town will be a relaxing experience and once you get tired you can stop and have a pastry or a drink at one of the cafeterias and pastry shops next to the sea.

A few kilometres away from Vathi you can visit the Nymphs' Cave.