Kounopetra (the moving stone) is a large rock which juts out of the sea. It is located in the west of the island in Paliki, near the village of Manzavinata. As the only phenomenon of its kind in the world, it is famous because of the rhythmic and incessant movement it used to make.It was known about prior to 1900, and the reputable scientist of the time, E.K.Kostantakatos described the phenomenon as follows:

  “Kounopetra is a huge monolithic rock with a circumference of 20m, sticking out slightly from the sea, which moves unceasingly from east to west. Its gentle movement is visible from the shore, but standing on it, one can feel the vibration. It moves 20 times a minute. Before the 1867 earthquake, the rock was very close to the shore and visitors used to slide a knife into the rock which squeezed it tight, but after the earthquake, the gap widened.”
It is said that many years ago, English naval boats tried to drag the rock and move it elsewhere, but they were unsuccessful in their attempts.
The rock’s movements stopped during the powerful 1953 earthquakes when the rock’s base shifted and the rock became stable.
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