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Welcome to Louisa Apartments - Kefalonia
Welcome to Poros

Louisa Apartments are located in PorosPoros is the biggest district of new Elios-Pronnoi municipality. Is a beautiful,picturesque village, surrounded by the villages Tzanata, Asprogerakas, Kabitsata and Riza. It has a population of 1500 inhabitants. Its port is a significant link between Kefalonia and continental Greece. It was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953, after the few fishermen’s houses were destroyed, it is harmonically constructed at the foot of the mountains Pahni and Atros.
A vast indented coastline, that is 2km long, abundant in sandy beaches and leeward ports, comprises its seafront. The sea with its clear and transparent waters offers a spectacular sight with the variety of colours.

Louisa Apartments offers,
10 apartments of two rooms, 1 bedroom and living room for
 3-4 people.
 1apartment of three rooms, 2 bedrooms and living room for  8 people.
5 studios for
 2  people.

An ideal place suited for all your needs, whether it be with the whole family, or to spend it with that special someone.

Each accommodation  has its own fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, private bathroom with shower, hot water supply, air-conditioning, and its own   veranda.

Responsible for bookings:

Ms Kokosis Theodoros
Tel: 003026740 72574, 003026740 72571,
003026740 72573
Fax: 00302674072507
Poros– Kefalonia
Ionian Islands, Greece

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